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JetCode is a software development studio in Columbus, Ohio. We're passionate about clean code, customer-friendly UI, test-driven development, innovative products, and happy customers. JetCode can help push your business to the next level.

About Us

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. - Vince Lombardi

Adam Albrecht

Adam is a web developer with a focus on great user experiences. As a Senior Consultant at Sogeti USA and then Lead Developer / Founder at CompliancePro Solutions, he architected both public-facing consumer websites and highly-secure business applications. Although he started out in the .Net world, he has since found a calling as a Ruby developer after discovering the elegance and power of the language several years ago. Adam's main areas of expertise include Ruby-On-Rails, thick-client Javascript apps, and front-end web development. At home, Adam has a passion for fitness, travel, startups, and photography.

Mez Gebre

Mez is a problem solver and generalist programmer. He loves to go after tough challenges, regardless of platform. As a former developer at Cerner and Perceptive Software, he worked on a number of crucial healthcare and ECM applications. Next, Mez helped co-found an e-commerce platform called Menufy that supports the websites of over 150 restaurants. Mez's areas of expertise include Asp.net MVC, Ruby-on-Rails, Javascript and iOS. Outside of work, Mez likes to play pickup soccer, stay fit, chat about startup ideas, and practice minimalism.

Our Services

We enjoy the process far more than the proceeds. - Warren Buffett

Application Development

We're experts at making your ideas become reality. We love to translate thoughts into mockups, mockups into specs, and specs into something that your customers will love. And our enthusiasm for coding and design will show in the quality of the final product. Also, we work in agile cycles of 1-2 weeks, helping to make the development process fast, transparent, and under budget.

Rapid Prototyping

In a matter of days, we can furiously put together a working prototype that can be shown to investors or customers to gauge their interest in your idea. We see Rapid Prototyping as a fun challenge and often hone our skills by participating in Startup Weekend events.

Website Design

Bring your business' online image to life with a unique, hand-crafted website that will improve customer engagement, increase leads, and raise your ranking in Google searches.

Technology Consulting

Decisions regarding technology can be daunting because they're hard to retreat from and you can often paint yourself into a corner if you're not careful. We can help you make informed decisions that you can be sure will be in the best interest of your business. We can also work with your development team to help strengthen your codebase and improve their efficiency.

Startup Bridge

We LOVE startups - that is our passion. And by working with us on your startup, you can eliminate much of the guesswork by letting us help you choose technologies, refine your strategy, and get started on the first version of your product. Then down the road, we can help you hire a great full-time development staff so your business is built for the long haul.

User Experience Design

Your site obviously needs a great visual design, but if it doesn't have an optimized user experience, then it goes to waste. We can take complex interfaces and site structures and transform them into something simple and beautiful that your customers will love to use.


It's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our hearts sing. - Steve Jobs

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There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met. - William Butler Yeats

544 South Front st
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